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e-Poster Presentations

This year, we received a lot of research abstracts from professional physical therapists, undergraduate, and graduate students. We have two research presentation formats in this year's virtual convention. Here are the e-posters of our physical therapy researchers.

Click on the research title to proceed to the e-posters.
Interact with the researchers by posting through the interactive Padlet.

Research ID
Research Title
Charies Gudoy
The status of psychological well-being and perceived clinical practice readiness of MMSU-CHS students during online learning
Chariss Macalma
Factors Influencing Perceived Clinical Decision-Making Skills in Stroke Rehabilitation Among Physical Therapy Interns of Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Ella Mae Rueda
Perception of Filipino physicians on the roles and scope of practice of physical therapy in the Philippines
Er Petil
Inter rater reliability test of digtalized telescoping goniometer to measure active range of motion of selected large joints among healthy individual
Guessiella Sandra Garcia
Mobile applications for self-management of hypertension: A systematic review
Richmae Menor
Ergonomic considerations in exergaming delivery in orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation: A systematic review
Jose Emmanuel Mojica
Developing a Questionnaire Regarding the Perceptions and Practices of Filipino Physical Therapists in the Management of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Ronan Ezra Santos
Musculoskeletal symptoms and associated risk factors in college students undertaking online learning
Carol Chew
Screen hours, Room, Number of Gadgets and Their Relation to Sleep Quality among Allied Health Students Enrolled in Online Class
Myra Lampitoc
Mental Health Literacy among students and employees of Mariano Marcos State University
Nelkie Xyza Butel
Effect of Klapp’s exercises through telerehabilitation on the health-related quality of life of patients with scoliosis
Odette Justo
Comparison between current and pre-pandemic physical activity level of freshmen college students
Roger Mahimer Mahimer
Demographic Characteristics & Risk Factors of Patients with COVID-19: A Rapid Review
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