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Ethical Issues

It is a mission of the PPTA to be the foremost organization that represents the Filipino PT and his/her concerns. The responsibilities, rights, and privileges of the Filipino physical therapist are promoted actively by the PPTA as it strives to uphold the dignity and nobility of the profession.

Individuals who wish to bring to the PPTA’s attention any perceived issues that involve Filipino physical therapists may inform the Association in writing through its President or any of its officials. It should detail the nature of the complaint, present supporting information, and the complete name and contact information of the concerned party.

PPTA shall not entertain any communication that does not bear the above, nor shall it entertain those that were not received through its official communication lines, i.e. received by an officer, sent through e-mail, or forwarded through regular post.

Communications shall be acknowledged properly upon receipt. It shall be made part of the agenda at the next regular meeting of the Board of Officers. All information shall be kept strictly confidential, and responses shall be relayed to the concerned as soon as possible.

Concerned individuals may write the PPTA officers through

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