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Cardiac Playlist

by Art King

What better way to enjoy the heart month than with a playlist! This playlist has a twist though; it tells a story. Sort of. The story of how we PT’s take care of the heart.



by Gloria Gaynor

At first I was afraid, I was petrified

Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side

But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong

And I grew strong

And I learned how to get along


No, not an exact fit, but rehab after a cardiac event or cardiac surgery would definitely help you survive. It is scary, the future seems uncertain, and you’re worried you’ll be an invalid. With Cardiac Rehab, we can help you get back on your feet, and do more than survive.

1. Exercise Training

Many people think that people with heart disease can’t exercise anymore, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Exercise is one of the best medicines you can take after a heart attack.



by The Proclaimers

But I would walk 500 miles

And I would walk 500 more

Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles

To fall down at your door


The easiest and most accessible exercise you can do is brisk walking. Not 500 miles, but 30 minutes a day most days a week at a pace that challenges you can do wonders for your heart.



by Vanessa Carlton

Making my way downtown walking fast

Faces pass and I'm home bound


It’s also important to progress your exercise. Increase your pace, increase the distance when the exertion starts going down. It also helps to incorporate your exercise with your daily life. Walk near your work, or even in the mall. If you want to do more, a PT can help.

2. Health Education


by Eraserheads

Magkahawak ang ating kamay

At walang kamalay-malay

Na tinuruan mo ang puso ko

Na umibig na tunay


One of the things that will help someone who’s had a major event is to understand what happened, how to exercise, and how to change your lifestyle. A PT can help. We can hold your hands at the start, and help you dance through the different things you need to understand.

3. Risk Factor Modification


by Jose Mari Chan

Have we outgrown our Peter Pans and wings?

We've simply grown too old for tales of knights and kings

'Cause life's a constant change

And nothing stays the same, oh no


Important to recovery is cutting out the risk factors. It’s time we outgrow the bad stuff. Cigarettes? OUT! Drink moderately or not at all, cut on the intake of sugar and fats. Not easy, but your healthcare team can help! PT’s can help with exercise.

4. Psychosocial Support


by Shania Twain

Looks like we made it Look how far we've come my baby We mighta took the long way We knew we'd get there someday


It’s not uncommon for patients to feel down, or even depressed. And while this is primarily the job of a psychologist, we PT’s can help too. Exercise help produce endorphins, and just being there to support our patients physically and emotionally, can help psychosocially too.

5. Medical Surveillance


by Celine Dion

Near, far, wherever you are

I believe that the heart does go on


And if the reason you’re not exercising, is because you’re worried something bad will happen, I recommend starting your workout with someone trained in Basic Life Support. Most PT’s are! We can help your heart go on.



by Frank Sinatra

Fairy tales can come true

It can happen to you if you're young at heart

So take care of that heart. And if you need help, we’re here for you!


By Marvin Gaye

If you need me call me no matter where you are

No matter how far don't worry baby

Just call my name I'll be there in a hurry

You don't have to worry


Arthur Bhenedict K. King or Art to his friends and colleagues is the Chief Physical Therapist of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Section of the Philippine Heart Center. He is also currently a member of the Board of Directors of PPTA.


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