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OCTOBER 19, 2019

(Day 1)


Neurologic Research

Corregidor A | 1:00 - 2:00

Research title
Beah Austria
"'Face-it' application versus mirror therapy in addressing facial paresis for people with acute stroke: a pilot study"
Christian Gabriel Lee
"The usability and utility of maximize- an instructional toolkit for standardized outcome measures for the examination of patients with stroke: a short report"
Kenneth Cruz
"Effectiveness of store-and-forward telerehabilitation as a treatment approach among stroke patients in Ilocos Norte"
Christopher Cruz
"Activity of Superficial Trunk Muscles in Patients with Stroke During Gait: A Case Series"
Margaret Alcala
"Effects of Circular Gait Training on the Balance of Chronic Stroke Patients in Selected Rehabilitation Centers in Metro Cebu"
Research title
Noemi Maureen Lansang
"Effect of Balance Training (BT) Program and Modified BT-Waltz Training Program on Postural Control of Filipino Community-dwelling Older Adults: A Randomized-Controlled Trial"
Donald Manlapaz
"Risk factors for falls in adults with knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review"
Donald Lipardo
"Fall prevention and risk reduction with combined physical and cognitive training (falls PACT) in older adults with mild cognitive impairment"
Naomi Beatrice Villaflor
"A scoping review of normative studies about mobility and mobility-related measures among typically developing Asian children"
Ruth Anne Claricel Batin
"The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality in Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review"

Mayon| 1:00 - 2:00

Special Conditions Research

Orthopedic Research

Corregidor A | 2:00 - 3:00

Research title
Valentin Dones III
"Intra-tester and Inter-tester Reliability in determining the movement of the deep fascia overlying the right upper trapezius during cervical movement: A Pilot Study"
Jeffrey Ralph Luces
"Low-cost power-specific training for an individual with megaprosthesis after osteosarcoma extraction: A case study"
Alexa Barroga
"Prevalence and contributing factors to musculoskeletal disorders among tobacco farmers in the City of Batac"
Jamaica Manlogon
"Effect of deep cervical flexor training on craniovertebral angle and muscle endurance among students with forward head posture"
Abbeygail Abella
"Outcomes of a power-focused training in a resource-limited setting on gait and mobility of a patient with type 2 diabetes resulting in below-knee amputation and chronic kidney disease: a case study"

CBR Research

Corregidor A | 3:30 - 4:30

Research title
Maria Eliza Dela Cruz
"Assessing quality of life of the residents of a community in manila using the WHO-QOL- BREF tool"
Kriza Ganotisi
"Health litercay on physical therapy among senior citizens with physical disability and barangay health workers"
Marvin Louie Ignacio
"Scoping review of physical therapy interventions in mental health practice"
Mary-Grace Kang
"UPPT Pagtanaw Program: Collaborating with Home Communities for Better Health"
Jenine Acob
"Perceptions on physical therapy of health workers in rural barangays in the city of Batac, Ilocos Norte"

Sports Research

Mayon| 2:00 - 3:00

Research title
Nicole Alindogan
"Effects of self-myofascial release on sprint speed and power among physically active students"
John Lynyrd Dela Cruz
"Effectiveness of Attentional Focus in the Acquisition and Transfer of Athletic Taping Skills in Physical Therapy Students"
Sean Penn Gonzales
"Effectiveness of calisthenics and high intensity interval training on the body mass index of selected overweight college students"
Lally Pearl Maglatang
"Infrapatellar Straps Ineffective in Improving Vertical Jump Height of Volleyball Players with Patellar Tendinopathy"
Agatha Quidilla
"The effectiveness of using an exercise training app on aerobic endurance of football and adherence to exercised adherence to exercise"

Mayon| 3:30 - 4:30

Education Research

Research title
Esmerita Rotor
"A Model of Clinical Reasoning: Attributes explain engagement in elements of reasoning"
Glenda Sanggalang
"Development, Validation, and Reliability Testing of a Tool for Assessing Physical Therapist Competence in Patient Management"
Richard Madriaga
"Impact analysis of the continuing professional development (CPD) program conducted by the FEU-NRMF-School of physical therapy as an accredited CPD provider by the professional regulations commission from 2015-2018 level 1 evaluation (reactions) using the Kirkpatrick model"
Jude Ian Sy
"Construction, validation and reliability of perceived knowledge, skills and attitude tool of pts on use of valid outcome measure tools"
Ruth Anne Claricel Batin
"Integration of Flipped Learning in Neurologic Physical Therapy: A Quantitative Study"
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