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OCTOBER 19, 2019

(Day 1)


Grand Ballroom Exhibit

Research title
Rogelio Pornobi
"Effectiveness of kinesio taping on the sprint performance among professional road cyclists"
Sarah Mae Maglaya
"Internal rotation glide of tibia improved passing accuracy of soccer players with patellofemoral pain syndrome"
Aldin Joy Remegio
The comparative effect of tendon glide and median nerve glide exercise on pain and disability on carpal tunnel syndrome among tricycle drivers
Rowena Alejo
"Physical therapy students� performance: a correlation between professional laboratory subjects and internship program grades"
Er Petil, Jr
"Faculty and students discernment on the introduction of objective structured clinical examination in college of physical therapy at Manila Central University: a pilot study"
Leiron Ganal
"Need base analysis of physical therapy emergency case management in Ilocos Norte"
Mary Sue Lakambini Romero
"Factors associated with work-related low back pain among physical therapists in metro manila: a cross-sectional study"
Joaquin Angelo Cruz
"Perception of selected physical therapists towards the use of functional outcome measure tools in selected hospital and clinics in metro manila: a qualitative study design""
Odette Justo
"Filipino undergraduate physical therapy students� learning styles: implications for maximizing teaching-learning opportunities"
Darren Arado
"Contextualizing depression of adult patients with chronic diseases undergoing physical therapy treatment in Ilocos Norte"
Julie Rivera
"Availability of health and wellness programs for PWDs in Paoay, Ilocos Norte"
Marsha Manuel
"Diagnostic clinical reasoning ability of the physical therapy interns of Mariano Marcos State University"
Abigail Thomas
"Analysis of objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) of selected 4th year physical therapy students in enhancing performance skills in physical therapy"
Ma. Agnes Antiquin
"The effectiveness of plyometric training of lower extremities in the vertical jump among senior high school athletes of DMMC institute of health sciences"
Kaylie Valdez
"The influence of physical therapist migration in the availability, accessibility and quality of service delivery system in Ilocos Norte"
Paula Mae Palabrica
"Comparative effect of warm up and cool down exercises on delayed onset muscle soreness among DMMC institute of health sciences parade of light dancers"
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